A non-profit, AI chatbot built to teach you MBA basics in less than a day.

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As of July 2020, regrettably, we would like to inform that AiboMBA is no longer an active project. Until such time where we figure out what to do next, Aibo has been officially decommissioned. If you would like a preview still, please reach out to @miraclepreneur on twitter.

Varun Choraria

Maker of Aibo

Heuristic way to understand the mechanics of business

  • All fundamentals of MBA covered.

  • Interactive learning via quiz

  • Free forever. You can choose to donate to help us scale.

  • Content constantly updated with a focus to strengthen the basics

  • Content curated only from trusted and verified places like MIT OCW, Investopedia and Harvard Business Review

  • "Search for anything via Google" + small talk option included (AI)

Screenshot of iPhone App

258 upvotes on product hunt + making it to #4 on launch day in 12 hours.

Aibo thanks you for your love. Read the tell-all of the product here from idea to launch 🚀

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This is what we intend to implement with donations (our vision)

  • DialogFlow AI to implement global languages and better conversations

  • ML algorithm to help students find the best answers from the web from true scholarly articles

  • Implementation of standalone app for students to have more rigorous learning

  • AiboMBA degree + international work pass for students to work remotely

  • Chain of sponsors to provide better infrastructure for students

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All proceeds to go in scaling this product, paying bills and reaching out to more repressed students, across the world.

About our founder


Varun Choraria

products, marketing & strategy

I'm a 23 year old from Bangalore, India on a pursuit to build simple but scalable solutions to make this world a better place.

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